Q:  How can I get my ring size? 
A:  A ring sizing card can be provided to the gym for group sizing. Please contact pinnacle@herffjones.com. If your child could not attend the ring sizing appointment, you can either visit a local jewelry store or download a printable ring sizing guide as a point of reference.
Q:  What are the available rings sizes? 
A:  Ring sizes start at 4 and go up a half size to 14.  Several ring models are offered in a small scale for Female and a large scale for Men.
Q:  What forms of payment are accepted?
A:  Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Paypal
Q:  When is my payment processed?
A:  To check the status of an order:  Submit an email to: PinnacleCustomerService@herffjones.com
Q:  If a customer wants a different size, can the ring be altered? 
A:  Yes.  There is a $50 resizing fee.  An alteration can only be made if the new size is within two rings sizes.  The customer is responsible for shipping to the plant; the plant will cover shipping costs back to the customer.
Q:  How long does it take to get my ring re-sized? 
A:  Approximately 10 - 14 business days.
Q:  Can I have my ring polished?
A:  Yes.  There is a $30 refurbishing fee.  The customer is responsible for shipping to the plant; the plant will cover shipping costs back to the customer.
Q: What type metal is used for the rings? 
A:  White Ultrium which is a Herff Jones propriety metal similar to stainless steel.
Q:  How do I care for my ring? 
A:  Since temperature and exercise often affect the size of your finger, we recommend that you wear your ring at least two weeks before you consider a ring size change. Even the purest of gold or silver jewelry will tarnish or discolor if subjected to harsh cleaning materials, chlorine, alkaline, or acids.  Your ring will return to its original luster if polished with a good silver cleaner or washed with mild soap or toothpaste.  Finish by buffing with a soft cloth.  Do not use any brush, sharp instruments or rough cloths for cleaning.  Quality gemstones and precious metals cannot stand abuse. Always remove your ring before engaging in sports or physical activity.
Q:  Is there a warranty on the rings? 
A:  Our rings and pendants come with a 90 day warranty from ship date against manufacturing defects such as missing stones or other defect caused in the manufacturing process. For more information, click here.
Q:  Can anyone access our gym ring to purchase? 
A:  The ring will be available only during the flash store dates set by the gym owner.  All purchases will be reported to the gym owner for verification.