About us

Herff Jones has a rich history of nearly 100 years of celebrating and awarding achievements. We recognize the commitment and dedication an athlete has to a gym and the sense of a “gym family. Herff Jones has established a collection of beautiful jewelry pieces to commemorate their legacy within your gym family.  The Pinnacle program was designed for Gym Owners and Coaches to create a keepsake that will display their pride and last a lifetime.

How the Pinnacle Program works:

  1.   Set qualifying criteria for gym members.  This criteria may consist of community service, exemplary behavior in the gym and at events, years of gym membership, etc.
  2.   Post an announcement listing gym members that qualify to purchase a gym ring.
  3.   Collect the sizes through your Varsity All Star rep or with a ring sizing card provided by Pinnacle.
  4.   Work with Pinnacle to establish your online gym ring store.  Parents can purchase the ring only during the active store dates.
  5. There is a minimum 10 ring requirement for custom rings.
  6. Delivery of rings is 8-10 weeks after the store closes.
  7.  When the rings arrive at the gym, host an event that celebrates the gym ring recipients.